• Why are students choosing da Vinci?

    · It’s like a big family

    · They get more one-on-one assistance

    · They feel safe and supported

    · Teachers really care

     ·Teachers are encouraging

    · Other students are accepting


    When a school puts students at the forefront,amazing things can happen. These students explain what da Vinci means to them:


    da Vinci means a lot to me. It’s the best school I have been to and it made me open my eyes and see things that I never used to. It made me want to do something with my life.”

    -2014 Sophomore

    “da Vinci means the world to me. It means family, love, care, help, and friends. I love it here. da Vinci made me the person I am today.”

    - 2014 Junior

    “da Vinci means a lot to me. Not only is it a school – it’s my family over my family.”

    - 2014 Sophomore

    “da Vinci is the best school I’ve ever been to. Everybody is sweet, friendly, and caring. I’ve never been to any other school where I felt so at home. I will be very proud to say I graduated from here in May.”

    - 2014 Graduate

    “To me, da Vinci means my future, because I know that with da Vinci I can achieve anything.”

    - 2014 Sophomore