• Welcome daVinci Preschoolers!

    My name is Shannon  Molnar and I am the lead  preschool  teacher for the GSRP program here at daVinci.  I am very excited to start this new school year and I hope your preschooler is as well.  This will be my second year teaching here at daVinci and I have to say I am very proud to be part of such a dedicated and caring staff.

    This year we will be having our preschool open house on Monday, September 22nd.   We will have two to three sessions that day where students will come in at their designated time (approximately one hour) along with their parents for a short sample of what our preschool day will look like.  We will then have the students go on a little scavenger hunt to help them become familiar with our school.  Our intention is to make our first full day of preschool (on September 23rd) a little more predictable and less stressful for students and parents.

    Our preschool day will be from 7:50am to 3:10pm which is a little different from the rest of our students, in order to accommodate preschool parents needing to walk their child into and from class.  As you pick up or drop off your child each day, you will need to sign them in and out of our classroom. The main door will open at 7:45 for drop off in order to give teachers time to get things around in preparation for our school day.  Several parents have asked me what their child needs for preschool and those items include:  a backpack, a blanket and small pillow for rest time, and a spare change of clothes in case of an accident or spill. 

    If you have any further questions about preschool, paperwork or start times, please feel free to give me a call at (517)780-9980 or write them down and we can discuss them at the home visit.  Again, I look forward to beginning this school year and meeting you and your child.