•  da Vinci


    The da Vinci High School

    The Academy's alternative high school serves approximately one hundred thirty five students and has a student-to-teacher ratio of twenty to one (20:1). The small atmosphere helps students feel safe and secure and enhances the learning environment. In addition, smaller classes can shrink the achievement gap and lead to reduced grade retention, fewer disciplinary actions, less dropping out, and more students taking college entrance exams.

    The high school is located on the campus of Baker College which provides students with the opportunity to enroll in college courses.

    Dual Enrollment

    The Academy provides dual enrollment opportunities to responsible students with strong academic skills and who might have specific interests in courses not offered at the Academy (e.g. dance and theatre). The Academy believes that this experience assists students with the transition to college. The successful completion of a college class increases the likelihood of a student continuing to further his/her education after high school graduation.


    Virtual Learning

    The Academy recognizes the opportunity for online instruction to bring further individualization, especially for alternative students. Online instruction is led by highly qualified teachers who present lessons that are supported by online activities and aligned to the state standards.


    Career Center

    The Academy also partners with Jackson Area Career Center to provide vocational training for our students in 11th and 12th grade. Flexible scheduling and class structures allow students to attend either morning or afternoon sessions, usually for about 2 1/2 hours each.


    Transitions Program

    For students requiring credit recovery, who enter out school mid-semester, or are placed on a disciplinary step plan, they may be required to attend our Transitions Program. This program is held in a separate building on-campus at our high school. The program follows the same educational calendar days and state-mandated criteria, however is in session from 7:40am - 12:40pm.


    One of 2014 Best High Schools

    da Vinci High School is one of only two area schools to be recognized as one of U.S. News & World Report’s best high schools. Small class sizes (which equates to more individual attention for each student) and the opportunity to earn college credits through dual enrollment at Jackson College contributed to our high ranking. But those are just a few of the attributes that make da Vinci remarkable. Contact us today to schedule a tour and see for yourself!


    Student-Centered Education

    It sounds simple, yet it sets da Vinci apart from the rest. Rather than dragging a group of students toward the middle, we look at each student as an individual. We set an individual learning plan that meets each child’s unique needs, changes as your child grows, and sets a path for success. The student is inspired, interested, and learning at a pace that works. Small class sizes make it easy to give students the attention they need,when they need it. From enrollment to graduation, it is all about the student.