da Vinci Primary School- Come see all of our Renovations!

    The da Vinci Primary School serves approximately 180 students in preschool through eighth grades. The primary school is a school wide Title 1 building that creates a flexible, continuous learning environment where all classes have a student to teacher ratio of twenty to one (20:1) or less. The small atmosphere paired with caring staff members creates an environment of strong relationships. Data indicates these relationships lead to a safe and secure learning community where students can excel academically. Smaller class sizes lead to significant improvements in reading and mathematics where benefits are greatest for students who start in small classes early on in education.

    The curriculum at the primary school is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English language arts and mathematics and to the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations for all other subject areas. Active participation and differentiated instruction help to individualize instruction. Differentiation is seen through flexibility in length and/or depth of assignments, lessons developed around multiple intelligences and cooperative learning structures,and the growing of use of technology in the classroom (Kagan, 1997).